The ADAM Audio A7X active monitors are ADAM Audio's most popular model. The A7X monitors feature the X-ART tweeter. The X stands for eXtended frequency response and thus for one of the features of the accelerating ribbon technology that has been drastically improved: the frequency response. It now extends all the way up to 50 kHz. In addition, the X-ART tweeter has a higher efficiency and higher maximum sound pressure levels. Integration with the lower frequencies has been achieved with a newly designed 7" midwoofer. It has been redesigned with a much bigger voice coil (1.5") and is driven by an amplifier with twice the power compared to its predecessor. This combination produces an amazing sound and pressure levels with an almost distortion-free musical reproduction. Each driver has its own dedicated amplifier.

A 50W A/B amp is responsible for the X-ART tweeter, while the midwoofer is being driven by a 100W PWM amp. The front panel includes a power switch and a control for the volume that retains the volume setting independently from the on/off switch. On the rear panel are several additional controls: a gain for the high frequencies (-/+ 4 dB) and 2 shelf filters for high and low frequencies. To ensure greater compatibility, there are both XLR (balanced) and RCA (unbalanced) connectors.


  • Perfectly suited for all environments where space is limited
  • New X-ART tweeter delivers guaranteed crystal clear music reproduction
  • Front panel with power switch & volume control
  • The carbon/rohacell/glass fiber composite material with minimum weight and maximum rigidity prevents break up resonances, resulting in an outstanding dynamic behaviour and impeccable sound characteristics
  • Each driver has its own dedicated amplifier


  • Power supply Mains Adapter Voltage 230
  • Frequency Response 42Hz-50KHz
  • Maximum Output (Watts) 150 Active/Passive Active Inputs Balanced (XLR) jacks & unbalanced (RCA) jacks
  • Sensitivity Up to +14 dB
  • Woofer Size/Type 7" carbon/rohacell/glass fiber woofer
  • Tweeter Size/Type 2" X-ART tweeter
  • Magnetic Shielding No
  • Cabinet Dimensions 337 x 201 x 280
  • Cabinet Weight 9200
  • Additional Info 1 x 50W built-in amplifier, 1 x 100W PWM built-in amplifier

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Full 5 year warranty on parts and labour for ADAM Audio AX series monitors bought from Soundfondue.

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