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NB One speaker is boxed and new, the second is boxed but has been repaired and has some surface damage.


"The A8X is a powerful link between ADAM’s AX Series and the formidable and more expensive SX Series. Its all-in-all homogenous tuning, the deep and precise bass as well as the brilliant mid- and high-frequency reproduction make this speaker a huge recommendation." (Harald Wittig, Professional Audio) http://www.adam-audio.com/en/pro-audio/products/a8x/description

The A8X adds to the AX-Series as a unique model because its power and radiation characteristics allow it to be used as both a nearfield and midfield monitor. It represents a particularly attractive entry-level model for midfield monitoring which offers transparent reproduction of higher frequencies, clear mids and an excellent transient response.

The extra large, front-positioned bass reflex ports are perfectly matched with the bass/midrange driver that has a 1.5″ voice coil. Thus the A8X can play very low registers with a powerful punch, and the greatest possible precision. The 150 Watt PWM amplifier for the midrange speakers in conjunction with the 50 Watt A/B tweeter amp enable the A8X to generate impressive maximum sound pressure levels of 120dB per pair at one meter.

German Handmade Precision X-ART Tweeter

8.5“ Woofer (Carbon/Rohacell/Glass Fiber)

Amp. Power RMS / Music: 200 W / 300 W

Frequency Response: 38 Hz - 50 kHz

Max. SPL per pair at 1 m: ≥120 dB


ADAM Audio monitors have earned a worldwide reputation as the preeminent tool for sound engineers based on technological innovations that we’ve established in the field of loudspeaker technology.
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