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Protect your ears with Alpine MusicSafe ear protection. Musicians and DJs are at great risk of incurring hearing loss as a result of the fact that they are often in areas with loud music. For a musician, his/her hearing is the most essential gear. Hearing loss has a direct impact on how they are able to perform their job or passion. Therefore, excellent hearing protection is essential during repetitions, performances and concerts. Our luxury model MusicSafe Pro has been specifically developed for performers. http://www.alpinehearingprotection.com/earplugs/musicsafe-pro/   Filter function MusicSafe Pro contains three different and exchangeable sets of music filters with outstanding sound characteristics with low, medium and high attenuation rates. These special music filters guarantee an optimal protection without loss of clarity, while at the same time you can perfectly enjoy the music. Soft material MusicSafe Pro earplugs are produced from a very soft, flexible and durable thermoplastic material. Due to the warmth of the ear it adapts to the shape of the auditory duct. Therefore, MusicSafe Pro is very comfortable to wear. MusicSafe Pro earplugs with special music filters are an open system, so that one has no feeling of isolation. Duration of use Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs last longer if you if you look after them. Attenuation values MusicSafe Pro in decibels    Hz 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000 white dB 10,2 11,2 14,3 17,9 24,0 23,4 18,0 silver dB 14,8 15,0 15,7 18,7 26,6 24,4 18,9 gold dB 18,8 15,6 16,0 18,5 27,7 23,9 22,0 Attenuation values measured by TNO* according to EN 352-2 (2002) and calculated to ISO 4869-2a standards. (*Dutch organization for Applied Scientific Research)

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