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Professional Audio Adapter for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera Custom XLR Adapter with Monitoring and Control Features FEATURES: 2 XLR BALANCED INPUTS 2 TRS 1/4" BALANCED OUTPUTS PHANTOM POWER VU METERS LEVEL CONTROLS 2 YEAR WARRANTY The Beachtek DXA-BMD is a two-channel, passive audio adapter for connecting professional audio gear from boom mics, wireless mic and mixing boards to the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. The DXA-BMD uses exceptionally low noise, wide bandwidth, balancing transformers for pure, clean audio with no electronics to get in the way. This allows you to record high quality audio directly to the camera which will always be in sync with the video. Direct audio recording eliminates the need to have a separate audio recording device and syncing the audio in post editing. Built-in VU meters makes it easy to verify the proper signal levels at a glance, while the level controls allow you to quickly adjust the output signals for optimum recording - no need to fiddle with camera menus. The built-in phantom power feature powers professional boom mics requiring 48 volts to operate. The adapter mounts neatly to the bottom of the camera and can also be mounted to any standard tripod.  Click here to see important information regarding firmware issues on the BMCC cameras.

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