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The Tig Q28 timecode generator is just 2.8 cubic inches, which is about a third the size of the current TIG.  Loaded with features, its tiny size fits even the smallest cameras and rigs.  The variable timecode output level and “flow through audio design” adds practicality for cameras and recorders that are not designed to receive timecode. Like the Tig, the Q28 works with all standard frame rates, cross jams, has a frame rate discrepancy indicator, and a jamming indicator. It also has a feature which shows the timecode in hours and minutes.  The durable chassis has an aluminum body, reinforced center support, and a battery tube that keeps the batteries secure even when dropped.  Overall the Tig Q28 is unbelievably small and “just works”.


Key Features:


  • Incredible Small Size- At only 2.8 cubic inches, it is the smallest timecode generator on the market and fits even the smallest cameras and rigs.


  • Flow Through Audio- The Q28 offers a timecode solution for single input cameras and recorders.  It combines both the audio and timecode into a single output so that it works with devices that do not have timecode inputs (i.e. DSLR’s). 


  • Variable Timecode Output Level- The output level of the TIG Q28 has 15 adjustable settings between 6mV and 3V.  In total it has a range of 54dB.  This means that this design will work with many recorders, cameras, and devices (including Apple “i” products).


  • “Show” Position for current timecode When the switch is turned to the “show” position, the Tig will tell you the current timecode in hours and minutes. 


  • Frame Rate Discrepancy Indicator will evaluate the incoming timecode rate and flash two seconds on, two seconds off to let you know the rate you are cross jamming. This eliminates jamming incorrect frame rates.  


  • Jamming Indicator- while jamming, a light on the TIG Q28 will flash one second on, one second off  to reassure you that the jam is successful. If you are cross jamming, it will flash two seconds on, two seconds off.


  • Supports all standard frame rates such as: 23.976, 24 25, 29.97, 29.97DF, 30, 30DF.


  • The layout and design is done with ease in mind.  It is simple to set up and can be quickly controlled. 


  • High Level Accuracy Design with a PPM of just .5 and a temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO), the Tig Q28 is an accurate source of timecode.


  • Batteries will remain secure with a battery compartment tube design.  


  • The Tig will cross jam all rates and the LED will specifically indicate that it is cross jammed. 


  • The Q28 is made from aluminum with a center support beam through the case.  


  • 2-year warranty.


  • Designed, made and serviced in the U.S. MozeGear is located in Irvine, CA   








  • TCXO Crystal:  +/- .5PPM


  • Battery Power:  2 “AAA” batteries


  • Variable Level Output:  Adjustable between 6 mV and 3V


  • Battery Life:  16+ hours


  • Weight:  1.9 ounces (without batteries)


  • Size:  2.125" x 2.625" x 0.5"


  • Casing:  Aluminum with reinforced center support and battery tube.


  • External Power:  N/A


  • Output Connector:  either BNC or mini phone jack (3.5mm) can be used as an output connector 


  • Input Jam Connector:  mini phone jack (3.5mm)


  • Flow Through Audio Input:  mini phone jack (3.5mm)

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